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This is the tile info that could change your mind

For those that have been researching flooring types for their new floor covering, this tile info could make a difference for you. We want to share a few things that make this floor covering well worth the time to research and browse to find out if it's really what you need.

Offering excellent durability, stunning good looks, and a great lifespan, you’ll find many of the answers that you’re looking for in this one product line. But let’s go a little deeper into the info and find out more about how it can work for you.

Tile info that truly matters

t’s important to know that your tile flooring retailer offers far more than simply materials and products for your flooring project. We also offer a wealth of tile info that can change the way you look at the material. For instance, we can show you many ways it can be used to create amazing blends with your décor and interior design scheme.

From the most natural looks to artistic mosaics and patterns, you’ll find something that matches your lifestyle and personality perfectly. Choose from a variety of formats, as well, with the ability to cut pieces as small as postage stamps to create just the look you want.

Many homeowners choose the amazing durability of tile for their busy homes. These materials are hard, dense, and are often used in commercial locations because they are so resistant to scratching, chipping, scuffing, and cracking. They stand up well in the face of pets, children, and high levels of traffic.
Ceramic tile flooring in Wheaton, MO from Nickle's Flooring
They’re perfect in any room and perform wonderfully butcan be used with great peace of mind in laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere that is often damp, humid, and experiences a lot of spills. You’ll find it perfect in these, and all your areas.

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Nickle's Flooring offers a great experience at our family-owned and operated showroom in Cassville, MO. There at our tile flooring store, you’ll find many materials and options that can make your flooring project jump to life.

We currently serve the residents of Cassville, MO, Shell Knob, MO, Holiday Island, AR, Golden, MO, Eagle Rock, MO, Exeter, MO, Seligman, MO, Purdy, MO, Wheaton, MO, and Washburn, MO. We'd love to help you with your flooring needs as well and will take advantage of your visit, at your convenience. We look forward to showing you everything that tile can offer.