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Here’s the luxury vinyl info you’ve been looking for

Having a good idea of what to expect in your new floors is very important when floor shopping. That’s why luxury vinyl info is so important. Once you find out how beautiful these materials can be in your home and the amazing benefits that will soon be available to you, you won’t want to pass them up.

These floors offer a great deal for every homeowner, whether you have to floor one room or all of them. With great diversity in benefits, you’ll see how it’s perfect in a variety of rooms and functions perfectly no matter where you place it.

Luxury vinyl info that can make a difference

There’s no use attempting to purchase from a luxury vinyl flooring store that offers no info on the flooring you want to buy. We’re more than happy to supply all the flooring info necessary to make your shopping experience worthwhile.

If you have questions, we’ve got answers. We can discuss the many appearance options, such as colors and patterns, or the way the materials can so accurately mimic all-natural resources such as wood, stone, and even porcelain tile.

We can also answer any questions about the many benefits, such as stable durability that offers excellent stain, scuff, and scratch resistance thanks to an excellent wear layer atop the design layer. It offers quick and easy installation, allowing you to stay in your home during the process and walk on the materials as soon as they're finished.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Eagle Rock, MO from Nickle's Flooring
Waterproof materials are also available in this line, offering complete protection against water damage from spills, leaks, or accidents. It’s truly the kind of peace of mind that every homeowner needs, and you can find it simply by purchasing luxury vinyl flooring.

Be sure to ask your flooring associate about the necessity for professional flooring installation before you leave.

Find the perfect luxury vinyl right here

At Nickle's Flooring, our family-owned luxury vinyl flooring retail store offers a personal touch that can truly make a difference in your flooring experience. All you have to do to get your project started is stop by our showroom in Cassville, MO.

For those in the areas of Cassville, MO, Shell Knob, MO, Holiday Island, AR, Golden, MO, Eagle Rock, MO, Exeter, MO, Seligman, MO, Purdy, MO, Wheaton, MO, and Washburn, MO, we’re more than happy to serve all your flooring needs. We invite you to visit us at your convenience and look forward to the opportunity to serve you when you arrive.